A few years ago my blog had well.. got stolen from me. I was lucky enough to be able to capture a few articles previously posted and this was one of them. I think reflecting, no matter at the end of a year or any time of year, it’s important.

This year, what an incredible one it was. Seriously, it was one of those years, I will remember as a groundbreaking one. I think it’s so important to take the month of January to really reflect upon the year all the accomplishments that you achieved in the previous year.

I took a little bit longer to sit down and to really focus in on what I achieved last year and what I would like to achieve for this upcoming year in 2017. This year was such an incredible year and I accomplished so many amazing feats that really I never thought I would be able to do. When I set my mind to something I definitely don’t stop until it’s accomplished, to say the least.

Moving To Paris & Finding Our First Apartment!

I finally made my dreams come true and I moved to the city that I love, with the person that I love. I moved to Paris and not only that, my boyfriend and I found our first apartment together. Writing this brings tears to my eyes of happiness because I never thought this day would actually come. Being able to be with my boyfriend every single day after being in an international long distance relationship for an entire year, it’s the best feeling in the world. He is my best friend, who continues to lift me up and make me feel some incredibly special and beautiful. We are currently starting the process of becoming PACs, so I can stay here permanently!

Parlez-Vous Français?

The next thing that is a huge accomplishment, is finally being able to really speak French at a level where I can have a conversation with locals. French grammar is absolutely no joke! It’s a serious commitment but one that I am willing to make as it has been a dream of mine to speak french for years! I had also enrolled in a French course, which I’ve been doing since September. Special thanks to my boyfriend, his family, and my friend Nathália for being there for me when I just completely don’t understand French grammar.


Sharing My Struggles & Being Vulnerable

The next one is probably one that was the hardest, to be more open and accepting of myself. I was faced with some challenges at the end of 2015 and the beginning of last year that really had me take a look in the mirror and be more honest, open, and accepting with myself. My beautiful thick platinum blonde hair had almost entirely fallen out, which was completely devastating! This was due to a freak accident in a salon, which until this day, the colorist blames me entirely, and have yet to hear an apology. A few months later in February 2016, I had dealt with a severe hormonal acne breakout.

This was due to being sick several times in a short period of time and not getting the proper nutrients my body needed. I wasn’t taking care of myself or my diet, or working out as much as my body was used to. All these factors caused my skin to freak out and had dealt with it for the next 5 months or so into the year of 2016.

It was a true test to myself and a valuable lesson, I did not let myself feel defeated and took this opportunity to be vulnerable. I don’t know what revolution came over me but found myself during a hike needing to express myself and let my words out. I had seen so many comments lately on my Instagram saying things like,“your feed is goals” or “you’re so perfect” and I just had enough!

I decided to take a few photos from a beach series I had recently shot and decided to share something more than just a beautiful photo. You can view the postings PART 1, PART 2 PART 3 and PART 4. While I am no longer actively pursuing a plant-based diet, it has taught me the importance of nutrition. Proud to say, my boyfriend and I have been vegetarian now for several months!

Another huge accomplishment that was a challenge, I had the courage to continue putting myself out there on YouTube, filming with fragile broken hair, acne, and all! While I wasn’t brave enough to openly talk about it what I was going through, I did film a How To Cover Acne With Makeup. The amount of support I received from that video was absolutely overwhelming. I wish that I had been more open what I was going through, while I had been going through it.

Putting Myself First

One life lesson I learned this year in 2016, was letting go of the negative people in my life. This wasn’t easy for me since I am the type of person that will continue to try to bring that person up until there is no positivity left inside me. Since I was moving internationally, I spent most my days surrounding myself with people who I love and care about me.

Quickly realizing I didn’t want to waste my days surrounding myself with people who didn’t have the same positive outlook on life as me. I stopped allowing myself to associate with those people and made myself a priority.

Working For Me, Myself & I

I quit my full-time job and started working freelance for myself. It’s probably one of the scariest things I did in 2016 but I am so happy that I did it. I worked for some amazing people and was able to say I was a full-time blogger.

Working freelance had taught me so many things about myself and that no matter what I decided to do, if I put my mind to it, I will be successful. I don’t know if I will continue working for myself, as it has become extremely hard being in a place where nobody knows your name or speaks your native language.

It can be extremely lonely at times however being in Paris for almost 6 months now, has really allowed me to take a step back from attending x amount of events a week and focus on what’s important. This seclusion has really allowed me to focus in on what steps I would like to take next in my social media adventures and career goals.

Things To Accomplish This Year:

Read 1 Book A Month: I am going to be reading one book a month and currently, I am reading The Magic Of Big Thinking by David Schwrtz PhD.

Attend Conferences & Connect w/Girl Bosses: I just want to surround myself with like-minded individuals. My next goal is to eventually create a Facebook page for these girl bosses to interact, inspire, connect and to really be there for one another.

Find A Life Coach: My hope for attending more conferences is to be able to connect with other like-minded women and be able to find a life coach. Someone, I can ask their honest opinion, who can be there for me when I need words of encouragement and someone who has similar career goals and aspirations as me.

Public Speaking More: I was on a panel last year in Las Vegas with WWD and 7 other bloggers. I was extremely nervous to speak in public but once I started talking, I found myself not wanting to stop. I realized in that moment that I always loved helping people especially when it comes to industry insight and helpful tips on growing your brand.

Lifestyle Blogging: The previous resolution continues with this next resolution; Starting a more lifestyle blog that helps other creatives launch their blog and continue creating engaging content for my Blogging Tips Series. As well as, expanding more in Social Media and Digital Marketing to grow and expand a business, specifically related to lifestyle brands.

You have no idea what this blogging community has done for me! There are so many amazing positive women in this industry that I would like to start highlighting on my blog. After all, let’s share the love! Thank you for continuing to believe in my and support me in all my adventures! I feel extremely fortunate to be in the position I am in now and am so excited for this upcoming year 2017!

My overall biggest goal for the year of 2017 is to really give back and to be there for girls just as much as you have been there for me. I want to share as much information, as well as learn as much information as I can. So let’s make 2017 one where we actually accomplish those goals we set out a year before.

Have you ever really taken a step back to realize how much you have accomplished? It’s one of those moments that just take your breath away and you realize, I actually did it, my dreams are a reality! A little over three years ago I had fallen in love with Paris. Two & a half years ago I had met someone who would unknowingly become someone incredibly important in my life. After almost an entire year being in a long-distance relationship, I made the move to be with the person I love in the city I love. Fast forward to January 21, 2017, I have been living in my dream city for 6 entire months! If you’re curious as to what I was up to in the year 2016, you can check it out here!