As the excitement of the New Year starts to come to a close, you might be finding yourself wondering how you’re actually going to complete that daunting list of resolutions this year. Sure we’ve all heard the saying “New Year, new me”, but how many of us can actually say that we’ve accomplished our goals last year? Last year I didn’t achieve all of my goals, but I did, however, learn effective ways how to achieve your goals this year.

Let today be the day you effectively start putting into action making those resolutions and achieving your goals for 2021. Make a promise to yourself right now & mark it on your calendar. Say to yourself out loud, today is the day I will actively begin achieving my goals. In your phone, in your journal, whatever that platform just do it. Trust me, it’s important.

 Mind Over Matter

 Having the right mindset and a positive attitude it can truly affect the way you handle everyday tasks. To be honest, I wasn’t always the most positive person. I always have been extremely happy but was letting that be outshined by constantly complaining, whether I was hungry or tired. Simply allow yourself the opportunity to achieve your goals without saying those negative thoughts to yourself. How to achieve your goals this year? Simple, tell yourself you can!

One of my favorite journals that truly changed my life is The Five Minute Journal. My favorite YouTuber Mimi Ikonn and her husband Alex created this journal and it allows you to focus each day on starting and ending your day on a positive note. Another amazing thing about this journal allows you to focus on what you would like to achieve and what could you have done differently each day.

Oh not to mention each day there are quotes and weekly challenges that inspire you and keeps you motivated! If you haven’t check out Mimi & Alex Ikonn I highly recommend doing so! They’re so inspiring in every aspect of their lives!

This journal truly changed my mindset and I had realized by allowing myself to say I can do something and directing positive around all around me, directed towards myself and others, I saw things starting to happen!


Just Make It Happen

 When it comes to resolutions and goals accomplishing them for yourself, there is really no excuse. If you’re anything like me, you really took the time to reflect and write down your resolutions. These are actual goals that you want to achieve this year. So how to achieve your goals this year is to stop allowing yourself to make excuses and just make it happen!

Read this: The Magic Of Thinking Big

Similarly enough to The Five Minute Journal, The Magic Of Thinking Big really allows you to switch up your mindset and if you think big you will achieve big. Another thing this book speaks on is: cure yourself of the fear of failure, think and dream creatively, you are what you think you are.

Create Achievable Goals 

 Another important note on how to achieve your goals is to actually create achievable goals. I had already written about why I create achievable goals and why it’s so important in “How To Get Past A Bad Day”. Now, what does this mean?

This means that you’re not going to create a daunting list of goals that just seem so unattainable, you night start off feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and then those negative, “oh you see I can’t do it” comments you tell yourself to begin. Now, this doesn’t mean don’t create big goals, just create smaller goes that are easily achievable and will keep you motivated while working towards those bigger goals.

For Example:

Your resolution is to travel x times per year while working at a full-time job. One might think this goal is completely outrageous due to the high living cost, student loan debt, car payment, etc.. but if you start breaking down that goal into smaller achievable goals it won’t all seem unachievable or unrealistic.

Start by eliminating how many vacation days you have as well as work towards opening a separate savings account. Figure out how much money you might need to be able to achieve your first travel of the year and where it would be.

Already those are several “small” goals you can work towards achieving and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goal. After creating those smaller achievable goals or checklists, you will feel more empowered and inspired to keep going until you have reached your bigger goal!


Schedule Things Out

Similar to giving yourself achievable goals it’s also equally important to schedule things out. If you’re an overachiever like me, your resolutions definitely can be a bit overwhelming. Much like breaking down the bigger goals into smaller goals, having a plan for scheduling out those resolutions is an important way of how to achieve your goals this year.

One method I found to be extremely effective is monthly and weekly scheduling. First start off by trying to write off when you were like a certain goal to be achieved, furthermore break it down into a checklist of what you would need to complete to have that goal accomplish by that certain date.

For Example:

One of my goals is to read one book per month. I figured by reading books that expand my thinking and knowledge, I am one goal achieved to completing my overall bigger goal,  digital marketing, and brand development. I started off by choosing a book at the start of the month, calculating how many pages are in that book, and furthermore, breaking it down based on the number of pages / how many days are in that month.

For instance take the book, The Magic of thinking big is 332 pages and by giving myself the achievable goal of reading Monday through Friday, I worked out I only needed to read 11 pages per day. Since I’ve created myself an achievable goal it’s really encouraged me to stick to it and I’m happy to say I will be finishing up the first book of the year!

Stop Comparing Yourself 

This something that I couldn’t have learned fast enough, especially being in the blogging community. Now I’m not only specifically speaking when it comes to social media however this is a lesson that I learned due to social media due to the importance of how many followers you have etc.

One thing I learned is you cannot compare yourself to another person because this is only going to put yourself down. You’ve ever heard that saying, “you’re your own worst enemy”, well the same is true when you allow yourself to be compared with others.  Focus on yourself and know you are doing everything possible you can to achieve those goals. By comparing yourself to other people you’re only hurting yourself but those resolutions as well.

Break The Cycle

By reading this post you’re already trying to break the cycle of failed resolutions. Try doing things like changing up your morning routine or investing in a journal. Once you eliminate the word impossible from your vocabulary, you’d be surprised at what strategies you find by using some creative thinking to achieve your goals!

Reward Is Key

Lastly, another way how to achieve your goals this year is by sticking to your routine and rewarding yourself for every time you complete a task or a goal. Think back to the days when you rewarded for doing something good when your child. This could be small as earning a dollar for doing the dishes or clean your room, however, how fast were you to complete those tasks knowing there is a reward at the end? Exactly! Set up some kind of reward system for yourself whether that be big or small you deserve it!