I’ve been sharing my tips and tricks about Instagram as well as the best way to create content for your brand. I often talk about how to create a cohesive feed and a content strategy. Through the course of this video, I go into detail about how to create content for your brand, including how to create a content strategy.


Planning and Organization Tips



These planning and organization tips will help you get your social media strategy organized so you can put out content on a daily basis without feeling overwhelmed.

A little goes a long way, which is why planning out Instagram posts is essential for any business. There are some simple planning tricks you can use that will make a world of difference in your Instagram success.

From designing the perfect Instagram post to making sure that your blog posts aren’t too long, there are many ways you can ensure your company is using its social media channels and blog to its full potential.


Content Strategy Tip



You have your general content categories now you need to go even further to that exactly how we did for stories and really breaking down how much percentage. How many times a month do we want to post. How many times a week do you want to post and how many times do we want to post that specific type of content.

Think of your Instagram as the ultimate blog. Just as you would do with a blog, strike a balance between posting professional content and images that show off your personality.

I highly recommend watching my YouTube video where I show my exact strategy.


Instagram Feed, Dos & Don’ts, Setting The Tone


What emoji’s should you be using? What are the best ways to respond to a comment or a reply? Knowing what will work for you is essential. It will save you time in the beginning stages of your Instagram strategy.









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