Everyone is looking for their Instagram moment while traveling in the city of lights Paris! Here is a free photography guide to the best Instagram spots in Paris for the best place to take photos while traveling abroad in Paris from the perspective of a fashion blogger on Instagram!

I have been living in the city of my dreams for almost a full year and I feel like I have had my share of location finds and fails and I am here sharing with you! If you happen to snap some photos in any of these location(s) be sure to send me the photo on my Instagram @kristinawilde, where you will find more secret perfect Instagrammable cafes and trendy spots!

In this post, you will learn insider tips, the best times to capture these Instagram photos, and knowing what to expect about different seasons in while traveling in Paris. All of these locations are completely free and my personal experience having shot at these locations. What are you waiting for, time to start planning your best Instagram Spots in Paris!


📍Arch of Triumph


paris arc of triumph instagram girl

Location: 44 Avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris

Best Times to Shoot:

Fall & Winter – Typically during this time has tons of beautiful clouds in the sky and you won’t have to worry about harsh lighting during this time. Early morning 9 AM to 3 PM will give you beautiful light for those best Instagram shots in Paris at the Arch of Triumph.

Tip: If you’re looking for an Instagram sunset shot check on your weather app there will be the exact time for sunset on there! 

Spring & Summer – Really there is no wrong time to take a photo during these seasons. I had taken this photo mid-afternoon and while my face had some shadows on the left side of my face, nothing Snapsneed couldn’t fix!



📍Pont d’Arcol


paris girl instagram blogger outfit ideas poses locations wearing blue denim and off the shoulder zara top

Location: Pont d’Arcole 75004 Paris

Best Times to Shoot:

Fall & Winter – Believe it or not, this photo was taken just right before Spring actually hit in Paris. You can notice the trees are still bare with no leaves on them. Typically during this time, there will be a lot of wind but instead of working against the wind, work with it! Turn around and let your hair blow in the wind while capturing your next candid best Instagram photo in Paris.

Spring/Summer – If you’re looking to shoot your outfit from the front be careful with the lighting as during these seasons the lighting is a bit harsher. If you’re wanting a similar photo like this one here, don’t worry about what time of day the photo is taken as the weather forecast should be bright and sunny!


📍8 Quai Anatole


Location: 8 Quai Anatole France 75007 Paris

Best Times to Shoot:

Fall/Winter – Be sure to check the weather report beforehand. This location might not be ideal during Winter as most days you can’t see the sun and if you’re wanting the carousel in the background, most likely it will be hidden by the beautiful gray skies.

Spring/Summer – The photo was taken in the early afternoon as you see half of my face has a shadow cast on it however by tilting my head slightly up I was able to capture the beautiful Spring day in Paris.

Tip: If you’re wearing a hat avoid shooting midday during the seasons’ Spring and Summer as you will have a huge shadow cast and you won’t be able to see your beautiful face. 



📍14 Quai François Mitterrand


Location: 14 Quai François Mitterrand 75001 Paris



📍Opera de Paris


paris girl instagram blogger outfit ideas poses locations wearing blue denim and off the shoulder zara top kristina wilde

Location: 5 Rue Auber 75009 Paris

About This Photo:

The thing about seasons is that sometimes Spring in your country may be completely different to Spring in Paris for example. It tends to rain off and on in the beginning of Spring so be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand and keep an umbrella in mind!



📍La Tour Eiffel


paris girl instagram blogger outfit ideas poses locations wearing blue denim and off the shoulder zara top

Location: Parc du Champ-de-Mars 75007 Paris

Insider Tip:

 The best time to capture a similar photo like the one here is a beautiful sunny day in Paris beginning of April to mid-May when all the Spring Blossom trees in Paris start to bloom! It’s such an incredible sight and there are several Cherry Blossom trees right by the Eiffel Tower for that perfect Instagram spots Paris.